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Our Electronic / Technology Solutions and Services comes under Checkmate Facility & Electronic Solutions Pvt Ltd (CFESPL). With this Electronic and Tech Integrated Security segment company provides exclusive, standard as well as tailored technical solutions for industrial projects, Cyber Parks, IT industries, Hospitals, Hotels, educational institutions, Government institutions, defense sector as well as for many overseas customers.

Product portfolio includes:
Public Address/Voice Evacuation Systems, Conference Systems, Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems including state of the art IP- solutions, Intrusion Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Two way Radio Communication System, EPABX-Voice, Data Communication, Building Management System and Car Park Management System.

Technology Integrated Security Services

For planning optimum security, logically first step is to understand the need. It is noted that client organization and user teams have fairly good idea about their challenges hence their inputs & site specific factors need to be analysed for the same. But when it comes to thorough analysis of the threats, mitigation strategies and holistic solution, a structured and professional effort is required. Checkmate offers this as a consultancy services. Checkmate team possesses experience & knowledge needed for security planning as senior retired army officers are on board, more than two decades of physical guarding services experience is available as in-house skill set and range of services are currently being offered with suitable infrastructure to large sets of satisfied customers.

TVRA (Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment) Analysis : For any customer site, present security environment, challenges, deployed manpower, equipment being used, Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), training needs and need for improvements are studied. Master Security Plan (MSP) is prepared and report is submitted with recommendations.

Design Consultancy : Based on this report or inputs collected, solution design is planned that need not be limited few electronic devices / cameras. Solution concept & technology is selected, components / electronic devices are suggested, implementation & operation plans are drafted. Drawings are finalized jointly with client team and solution options are documented. Based on the agreed scope complete procurement process also can be handled.

PMC (Project management Consultancy) : Once a solution is approved and implementation is planned, as PMC, end to end coordination can be offered to ensure that on ground installation of systems is being done as per design, with approved specification solution components and final expected results are achieved for client.

(Integrated Alarm Monitoring Services)

Once technology is deployed for security, its professional utilization is equally important. Trained team need to be deployed to operate and maintain the systems. Now a days when internet & data communication has ensured good connectivity, outsourced remote alarm monitoring & related services generates huge benefits. IAMS functions in three stages – sensors / devices / hardware installation at client site, remote monitoring at Checkmate CMS (Central Monitoring Station) & QRT (Quick Response Team) response to handle by rushing to client site.

Checkmate offers Remote Alarm Monitoring from a Central Monitoring Station CMS) and QRT (Quick Response Team) is stationed strategically to ensure suitable response. With IAMS, focus is not on all the cameras recording & monitoring but to remotely monitor alarms generated automatically from the system and take logical actions as per SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Automatic system generated alarms can be monitored for camera & many other sensors like Intrusion Alarm System sensors, perimeter protection system sensors, access control, Fire Alarm sensors & building automation system sensors etc. Supporting data, images, audio and video clips including pre-alarm delay can be recorded / monitored at CMS for logical security actions & investigations.

GPS tracked & guided, strategically stationed QRT teams are rushed to the client sites to ensure all possible protection support. Services can be extended for medical emergencies, fire emergencies etc also in addition to regular security needs.

On ground installation for all LV & ELV (Low Voltage & Extra Low Voltage) systems including all IT & Automation systems can be installed by Checkmate team with quality. The project implementation involves cabling, devices mounting, signal & power connections, UPS for back-up power, related software configuration & network implementation etc. Checkmate team can professionally take up implementation work for in-house designed projects as well as outsourced work taken on contract.

After completing the implementation, handing over, training would be imparted to client team for routine operations of systems.

Training is needed for all stake holders for proper utilization of systems. Once technology systems are in place for routine operations, mainly trainings are regularly needed for Operations & Maintenance teams. Checkmate offers comprehensive training facility for all technology systems and Fire related emergency handling also.

Technology systems needs to be operated professionally to ensure full benefits of all the installed systems. It might need training for specific utilization in effective way. Different systems need different skill sets for operations e.g. CCTV, BMS control room, fire fighting systems etc. Checkmate can provide trained & qualified personnel for the operations of any scale. These team can effectively integrate with client authorities, Checkmate CMS & QRT, Vendor teams for maintenance support & local police & civic authorities as may be needed.

Once installation of the systems is done for routine operations, the systems needs technical maintenance support for optimum uptime and effective utilization. Preventive & corrective maintenance support would ensure optimum uptime & expected results. Checkmate can offer trained technical team for all types of maintenance support for fault finding, cabling issues, shifting of devices / systems, cabling problems, software upgrades and complete system reinstallation etc.

Checkmate team has got capabilities to offer required maintenance services to clients where installation is done by Checkmate team or third party.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMCs) are offered to ensure best uptime and effective utilization of the investment. AMCs can be comprehensive (all inclusive with spares & services) or non-comprehensive (only on site services without parts).

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